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Interior excellence,

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We will lead a revolution in transport and architecture towards fully plug & play lightweight systems, offering the user new experiences and freedom. Our innovative products create a holistic solution and serve as a synthesis between disciplines. We get inspired by the shapes and structures of nature, like the honeycomb structure, which is the core of our products. TABB’s team of passionate knowledge driven employees continuously strives to bring this vision to life. Do you want to join our revolution?


With full-service and in-house development, we deliver high-end interiors


Challenge our engineers with your ideas. They will deliver upon the task. Together with our customers we develop the concept into a beautiful and producible design.


To test the different concepts of the design, we create full scale prototypes. Generating new insights and testing the viability of the design.


The extra time we spend on engineering and prototyping, results in a much smoother production and lower failure cost.

Plug & play lightweight
SMRT-COMB panels

Our factory has excellent qualities in making various sandwich panels with different materials. Our specialty is bonding sandwich panels so that we can create any shape or form and hide any technology within the panels.

We offer solutions for

Train Interiors

With more than 20 years of experience worldwide, our core production is the interior of trains. The panels are delivered with pre-installed wiring, are lightweight and easy to install.

Building interiors

Our panels are unique due to our engineering and bonding techniques. We can make any shape or form possible without sacrificing quality and durability. By exploring new materials, we can integrate any technology or finish into or onto our product.

Boat interiors

A lot of materials used are heavy and do not offer the finish we desire in modern-day indoor architecture. With our panels, you can create any shape or form, and have finishes such as wood or marble that do not put weight on the total of the interior.