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Our mission is to lead manufacturing interiors of public spaces to new user experiences.

Tabb’s founders had a vision of a new kind of interior solution; providing state of the art interior engineering that solves customer needs on a different level. At the heart of that vision is our mission of offering excellence in interior engineering knowledge. Our team of passionate knowledge driven employees and the possibility to engineer and prototype in-house is what brings that vision to life.

Today, TABB still focuses on delivering future-proof interior solutions, using our eagerness to reinvent interior as a key factor of our delivered products.


We believe in a brand new future in the interior. We are exploring unconventional ways of looking at the interior finish and build, creating new possibilities in the process.

We’re here for organizations who want to explore new ways of interior build, focused on high tech, sustainability, and lightweight materials. It is why we are driven in our work, why we innovate and why we are ambitious to further explore the possibilities
that we envision.


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Zeusstraat 2
5048CA Tilburg
the Netherlands - Europe