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In the early years of this century, our roots originated in the train industry. As a manufacturer of traditional interior systems, we entered this market and created a solid foundation for our company.  In recent years we have been able to transform our company into a successful and innovative competitor in lightweight interior systems. Our TABB honeycomb system has proven to be an excellent durable interior system for modern lightweight high-speed trains. Coaches have a lifespan of about 40 years. No wonder that train companies are keen on the total cost of ownership for new bought coaches. They seek an interior with a high-performance structure and a lower weight. The TABB system excels on both criteria: superb material specifications guarantee better durability, extremely light weighted compared to traditional interior systems.

The TABB system also has advantages for coach manufacturers. Innovative technology makes it easy to install and requires fewer operations than traditional systems.

The TABB honeycomb system is perfect for ceilings, partitions, doors and train furniture

Ceiling systems
ceiling system

A ceiling is not just a sheet covering the inside of a coach. It is also the support for many technical systems, such as climate systems, lighting systems, sound systems and vision systems. Moreover, it has to be capable to give access to the technical areas behind the ceiling. The ceiling as a system must therefore be a cover, a carrier and movable. The TABB honeycomb system integrates all these functions and, due to the lightness of the material, is easy to handle with a minimum of force.

Partition & Entrance systems

Partitions and doors must be able to withstand great forces and shocks during very intensive use. In an environment exposed to vibration and shock, panels must be stiff and stable to avoid jammed doors. Partitions are often used to attach video screens, control panels, handles, luggage racks or tables and folding chairs. With the stiff and stable TABB honeycomb system you can easily integrate all these items.

furniture lugage rack

Furniture demands a polished finish with soft materials, smooth edges and curved surfaces. With our extensive knowledge of adhesives, we can attach any soft material to our panels. With special techniques, we are also able to bend our panels with just one degree to a right angle. The TABB honeycomb system is therefore very suitable for any furniture in a coach such as desks, cabinets, cupboards and control desks.

Project: SBB Twindexx

In 2010 the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) awarded Bombardier the largest rolling stock order in the train builder’s history: 59 Twindexx double-decker trains (436 coaches) to serve the routes between Geneva-Lausanne and Lausanne-Bern.

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Project: INNOVIA 300

From dense inner-city routes to airport links, monorails transform urban areas. Fast and cost-effective to build, the driverless INNOVIA monorail 300 system offers comfortable mass-transit capacity with iconic aesthetics. Sleek vehicles run on slender guide beams, seamlessly integrated into urban environments.

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Train interior projects accomplished by TABB since 2010

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